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Sunday, October 23, 2016



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The Bernie Sanders Revolution lives on, even after his candidacy for President is over, because it has to. We have no choice but to fight on against the Absurd Status Quo poisoning our babies, ourselves, and our Climate, that conservatives and liberals allow, not just in the US, but on every continent. The Dakota Access Pipeline Protest movement in the US, the Nuit Debout movement in Europe, the Leap Manifesto movement in Canada, the Terra Viva/Seed Freedom movement in India and Italy and worldwide, and there are grass roots movements popping up all over the world, that abhor the Status Quo, threatening the health of our children, our fellow human beings, and all species, and that is threatening the health of our Climate and our beautiful Mother Earth.

On the Darkside, the opposite is true. There are Right Wing Nationalist Movements growing, not just in the US, with Trump and the Tea Party Republicans, but with Brexit in the UK, the Nazi party in France, the Right Wing resurgence in Australia, and around the globe. We described this phenomenon, and how their self avowed goal is to break down all regulations, all obstructions to trashing their own precious nations with Pollution for Profit, and we include the liberal Duplicitous Democrats, who make lovely speeches, but accommodate the Status Quo as much as the Right Wingers. We wrote about all of this in, Thumbing Their Noses At Society, and please don’t miss our chapter on the Duplicitous Democrats.

We stand with the Bernie Sanders Revolution, and will do everything we can to further that Revolution, and fight against the Darkside, the Right Wing Anti-Environmentalists, including doing uncomfortable things, like getting arrested in nonviolent protest, or standing on the picket line in 12° F or 100° F weather, or even voting against our conscience and principles, if that’s what it takes.

 If voting for someone we are uncomfortable with will yield a strengthening, not weakening, of Protection of our Environment, Climate Action (away from Fossil Fuels), Free College Education, Gun Control, Civil Rights for Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, LGBTQ, and Women (including the Right to Choose and the Right to Equal Pay), Livable Minimum Wage, Labor Union Rights, Endangered Species Protections, Protecting Public Lands including National Parks, Monuments, and Forests, then that’s what we have to do to forward OUR REVOLUTION. Unfortunately, in this case, the ends justify the means, though this has always been the case with Revolutionaries.

A vote for a third party, or writing in a name, or sitting the vote out and not voting at all, could very well end up a vote for Trump, who very possibly, if we don’t oppose him, could win, and we could lose all of the above we are fighting for. In the case of the UK leaving the EU, those that didn’t make it to the polls, confident that it would be defeated, helped yield the Right Wing, Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Environment, Anti-Climate Regulations Brexit Government that many citizens in the UK are regretting today, wishing they could do it over. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a do-over, when it comes to elections.

As difficult as many of you may find it to vote for Clinton, and I too, we urge you to vote for the elements of the Bernie Sanders Revolution that we worked so hard (and spent so much of our own money through donations) to successfully have included in the Democratic Platform. I have friends from Northern Maine to Northern California that volunteered their time, and donated hard earned money time and time again to the Bernie Sanders Campaign. And these people had nothing. But, they believed in the Bernie Sanders Revolution,

I don’t trust Clinton to fulfill all of our demands any more than my friends or you do. I have no illusions, and I’m sure I will live to regret that I voted for her when, like Obama, she proves herself a Duplicitous Democrat. But, we have many urgent reasons we feel we must pursue this Revolution against the Status Quo, and we surely could accomplish much more in the direction toward that Revolution through a Democratic Senate, Congress, and President, rather than going in the opposite direction by leaving any part of the government in the hands of the obstructionist, anti-environment, anti-rights, anti-labor, climate-change-denying Republicans, and by not allowing Trump to stack the Supreme Court (for the next 40 years with up to four more Scalia’s, referring to the right wing Justice Scalia, who opposed us on every issue; and you can be assured, Trump has a list of equally bad replacements.) I don’t fully endorse Clinton, but I will vote for her, and for progressive Democratic Senators and Congressman, a vote against Trump, and against all Republicans, and we urge you to do the same.

We hope our international readers can understand our focus on the US elections. But let me assure you, the subjects in this discussion are relevant to the politics of all nations, where right wing groups are now gaining prominence. And we firmly believe that our Revolution against the Status Quo is urgent, and that immediate action is necessary, for the sake of all human beings, for our children, and for future generations, and that it will only succeed against the omnipotence of corporate power, if it is able to transcend national borders.

Message to our Readers

This post was originally published as Part 12 of a larger, comprehensive Woodstock Earth report on the subject of Pollution entitled, Living in a Toxic World. Rather than break down the discussion by the three types, Air Pollution, Water Pollution, and Soil Pollution, we decided to break it down by the same Toxins found in all forms of Pollution. Please read Part 1 of the article, where we introduce our thesis, and any parts that may interest you. In each part you’ll find news stories, many of which are catastrophic, though, in most cases, have not yet broken into the mainstream, but are of such magnitude, that we believe, someday, each of them will. We also invite you to download the 3 books in Part 14, 1 of them being Pope Francis’ Encyclical, and view some of the 7 videos we chose to include in Part 15.
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